Friday, July 6, 2012

Finished Cosplays and a note about how awesome sewing kits can be

The last post I posted was of working on Seneca Crane's vest. Well, it's done, my Effie is done, and they've been worn to the con already. So I will show off the finished products to those of you who don't read this blog! lol
I love my big, poofy sleeved coat, made from scratch!  The parasol is all purple on the top, make from a broke umbrella with an epic wood handle. The lace around the edges is gold and cost an arm and a leg! The parasol is all hand sewn and was annoying, but came out awesome!

Now, sewing kits. Mini sewing kits. I love them! I bought a mini sewing kit at Joann's before the con and packed it, with my hand made coat in mind. Because it was the first thing I ever made and wore, so just in case... And it held up well. Except for when I was putting it on.

I grabbed the sleeve in the wrong spot and it tore open at the seam.  The bottom part of the sleeve is made to be tight on my arm, so it's naturally a bit tight coming over my hand and I have to grab the bunching of the puff AND the tight part and pull. Stupidly, I grabbed just above the bunch and pulled. Next thing I hear is RIIIIIIP! and my elbow is hanging out. O.O

Thank GOD I had my mini sewing kit, because I would have been screwed otherwise. My whole Effie outfit would have been out the window, because the coat was the main part of the outfit. Other than the wig, of course.

As an update, I'm going to be working on a Thor costume and Jazmine's Loki costume for Halloween. Hopefully I'll get more posted on here while working on those. Can't wait!

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