Monday, July 9, 2012

Loki costume!

So, I think I mentioned in the last post that I'm going to be working on a Loki costume for the other Jazmine. At first, I was scared shitless. I mean, come on! Look at all that detail! And to top it off, it's not just normal Loki, it's King Loki.
The horns. The helm. The details. Then top it off with the fact that we decided to be more authentic and make it our of pleather... I've never worked with pleather before! And that whole coat! And the shirt! And... and... and... 

*freaks out*

But, never fear! It'll be all right! I (think) I have devised a way to make it an easier build.

So, first come first, I researched. I used tumblr as my research. I wanted to see what reference pictures I could find, and I wanted to see what other people had done. Thank god for tumblr! I found two blogs that saved me a heart attack.

First is this awesome one: The Aquarius Hot Rod. This person put in all the work into researching all the different pictures and coming up with sketches. Normally I would do this myself, but I'm going to be out of town for three weeks and it has to be done by Halloween. So, all I'll have is three months. Short to say, I love this person.

Second blog is a dude who is making the costume and has made most of it already. I like his pictures (I think he's a he. It say's he's a brony, which normally means guy... I'm sorry if you're actually a chick or something!). Though his pictures actually scared the shit out of me and made me want to cry at first. Damn near gave up. But then I re-looked at the pictures in order rather than backwards, and it all worked out. His stuff is here: keyotolaufeyson.

I took the weekend to draw out and decide what I was going to do. Jaz and I found a pattern at Joann's. It's a McCalls pattern, but after studying it, I don't think it's going to work. Can't even find it right now LOL. Anyways, I'm going to buy this one: Simplicity 2057. I can even use it for the undershirt, which rocks my fucking socks!

I don't have my sketches scanned into the computer, but I can't draw all that well, so I doubt you want to see that, anyways, haha. It's not horrible, just looks like an amateur drew it. Oh well, so long as it works for me. Go to that first blog for good pictures :P

That's all for now. More when I figure more out. :)

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