Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Hunger Games: Seneca

We're working on costumes for Anime Expo this year! On the list are Dexter, Hunger Games, and Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Jazmine's going to be Dexter, Seneca Crane, and Gideon Graves.

Today, we'll be focusing on Seneca's vest. I (Jasmine) have been doing most of the work on it, which is no problem for me at all, I enjoy it.
We've put in a lot of work for this vest already, but it's going to look so awesome.

It started out like this:
Yes! It's a chef's coat! A few years ago, we had bought some chef coats and pants to make trench coats for an Equilibrium cosplay that never happened. My coat turned into the trench and became part of my Zolm costume, from Prince of Persia. Jazmine's, on the other hand, sat around doing nothing. So we put it to use!

First, we tore off the arms and the collar. That was fun. Tearing up clothes is great :D Then, we put it on Jazmine.

If you can't tell (I know it's hard, and that's not sarcasm), the vest is WAY too big. It comes down too far and it's too lose. It also doesn't line up right.

So, with the help of my mom (who is more experienced at taking in and such, you can also see her in the back ground of the pic), we got it lined up, pinned up, and sown. 
Now, only the bottom and sides have been sown up, I'm waiting for Jazmine to come back over so we can fix the shoulders. Once that's done, I'll add the red strip to the front.

And after that, I will add more here! Yey!

Also, in case you don't think Jaz'll make a great Seneca, check this:
Hey, you come here often?
The beard is a bit dark and drawn on a bit wrong, but it was my first try and the eye liner I used to draw it on was WAY too dark. It'll look better next time around :D



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